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  Yao Mountain
              The Yao Mountain (Stone Man Mountain), the national scenic spot and the national AAAA level tourism region, is located in Lushan County, Henan Province. The Zheng-Yao Highway directly reaches the scenic spot, and the transportation is convenient. The Yao Mountain stands majestically on the Central Plain, and the height of the main peak is 2153.3 meters above sea level. At the scenic spot, there are rare peaks, strange rocks, canyons, waterfalls, forests and cloud sea, and the scenery is beautiful and marvelous, with not only the majesty and highness of northern mountains, but also the beauty and elegancy of southern mountains, integrated with “majesty, steepness, elegancy, rareness and serene. The Funiu Mountain is the area with the best nature and ecology protection in Henan Province, and the Yao Mountain has the saying of the “thirty six scenic spots and seventy two landscapes”, and it is the soul of the Funiu Culture and the essence of the mountain and water. “The Central Plain unique and the beautiful Yao Mountain” is your best choice for touring and sightseeing, scientific research and exploration and seeking serene and rareness.
  Yao Mountain one-day tour
D1: after breakfast, tour at: Jiuqu Waterfall, Tongtian Gate, Taibai Drinking, Queen Mother Bridge, Senior General, Silver Thread Waterfall, Yao Mountain Cableway, West Sightseeing Deck, Three Peaks on Yao Mountain, Fir Forest, Peak of the Heavenly Emperor, Sightseeing Deck, Slideway (upper section RMB25/person; lower section RMB10/person), Dragon Back, Tianjie Plank Path, Bainiu City, etc (can choose cableway or slideway in midway) for 4-6 hours. Have lunch on the mountain. Go back to the starting point after going down.
  Ticket information
1、 Yao Mountain entrance ticket: RMB80
2、 Yao Mountain major cableway: upward RMB80, downward RMB60, and round trip RMB120
3、 Cableway and Red Maple Cableway: upward RMB30, downward RMB25, and round trip RMB50
4、 Slideway: upper 4 sections RMB25, Lower 2 sections RMB10, and electric car RMB5
5、 Bamboo chair: RMB50-200
6、 Preference for group tickets according to the number of tourists.
7、 Free ticket: tour guide certificate (national tour guide), journalist (press card), soldier (military ID), the elderly over 70 (identity card), children under 1.4 meters
8、 Half price: the disabled (certificate of disability), the elderly between 60 and 69 (identity card), student (student’s card)
Tourism hotline: 0375-5767999 0371-86101665 Fax: 0375-5767999 0371-86101667 Website: Http://www.zhongyuandafo.com
Address: Lushan County, Henan Province
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